Online Apply + Admissions Tutors   AT0086 is the earliest online platform, which coupled with expert and customer service, to provide
international students study in China one-stop services
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We are a student-focused business and aiming to provide a high quality service which satisfies different students’ requests, where and whenever required, by

giving accurate information and professional advice. We offer :


We collected more than 30,000 courses of different modes of study from over 500 Chinese universities to satisfy the needs of our students.
We provide rich information of studying in China for students’ reference, including China university rankings, application preparations, visa guide, etc.                                                                                                               


Quick Response

We process students’ applications and answer students’ enquires in a timely manner. We endeavor to respond to your enquires within 3 hours during working day;                                                

Accurate Information

Since we are directly connected with international admissions office of China universities, the first-hand accurate information of applications is provided to our students;                                                

Professional Advice

We help our students make the right choices, for the right reasons, and with the right outcomes, by analyzing the advantages and differences between different universities.                                


For students with personalized application requests, such as urgent applications, specific university applications, etc., we provide customized solutions, but extra service fees might be charged;                                
Besides admissions services, we also provide other one-stop services whenever students need during their stay in China, which include visa guidance, hotel booking, house rental, tour booking, internships and so on.